Who we are

Matterway helps employees be more productive.

We do it by simplifying the applications they use at work, to make them more like the applications they use in their personal lives.

This means reducing screen clutter and making the right decision easier to see. It means integrating workflows and data flows across siloed systems. And it means automating tedious, repetitive steps.

The result is better decision-making. Faster processes. And new levels of productivity.

All with no change to the existing IT.

Everything we do is designed to enhance efficiency and effectiveness within today’s digital workspaces. We call this discipline digital ergonomics. We believe that through its application, humans will be able to accomplish ever more impressive feats.

And, every day, our customers are proving us right.

Who we’re looking for

Do you...

  • Get easily bored doing the same thing over and over again?
  • Love a good challenge and cherish the knowledge you gain solving a problem?
  • Find switching between German and English easy?
  • Find it rewarding and satisfying to put a smile on your colleagues' faces?

Then you are the perfect fit for us!

What you’ll do

You’ll be working alongside our talented Chief of Staff, two amazing founders and a bunch of great colleagues that are eager to help you and teach you all you need to know.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll be tackling at Matterway:

  • HR & Visas: From contracts, visa negotiations and on-Boarding, you will be tackling all of it, gaining vast knowledge and making a real difference in people’s lives.
  • Accounting: Make sure that our Accounting runs smooth and our tax accountant is as happy you joined as we are.
  • Office Culture: Be the point of contact and the soul of the office – snacks, good vibes, administration and appointments for suppliers, all will be provided by you – You’ll be our hero.
  • Events: You‘ve always wanted to do Archery or a cocktail course and you’ve never got around to try it? This is your time to plan amazing events and surprise your coworkers with them.
  • Organisation: You’ll be optimising our structures and processes: Pour all your creativity into making everybody’s life smoother and reduce organizational friction
  • Company Handbook: Adding your personal touch to our growing company handbook.

More Reasons to work at Matterway

We are a start-up, so a few of our perks are almost to be expected:

  • Delicious fresh fruit, cold drinks, table soccer, game nights, monthly parties, team events.
  • The Tech Stack you’ll need to do your job.
  • A beautiful, central office full of greenery, in an old brewery (loving plants is a plus)

What is so special about US?

  • You’ll have a bunch of lovely developers around you waiting to program you the assistant you need to do more of the fun work
  • 16 nationalities and the only heated fights you’ll see will be at the soccer table or discussing our product passionately
  • You can choose your own snacks, you will have the power!
  • You want to learn how to play guitar, QA, develop, boulder or make your own pasta? Your colleagues have amazing knowledge, not only in their professional fields and they are happy to share it – Having a conversation with them will never be dull

Apply Now!

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