Who we are

Matterway's mission is to liberate employees from frustrating, clunky, and difficult-to-use software, in order to be more focused and productive at work.

Software is eating the world, and we are now in the era of automation and experience. Ever more powerful software and AI are already automating white-collar office work, while companies like Apple or Amazon, who relentlessly focus on delivering the best possible customer experience, have raced ahead of their competition.

But in reality, not all work can be automated. Quite the opposite: most operational tasks that employees perform today, be it in procurement, HR, customer service or operations, critically need engaged employees to give their best, every day. But frustrating, clunky, and difficult-to-use software always gets in the way.

Our revolutionary Task Acceleration Platform and methodology enables companies to identify and eliminate friction in their employees' daily tasks and digital workflows, without requiring any changes to the underlying IT in use.

By combining the best of automation and user experience, we enable employees to be more productive and to focus on what truly matters.

Join us now to be one of the early team members who shape the direction and future of the company and this emerging industry!

What you’ll do

As part of our customer-facing team, you will work with customers from a wide range of functions and industries, to help implement Matterway, and make their employees more productive. The role consists of interaction design within the Matterway framework, process optimization and collaborative work with software developers.

This includes

  • conducting task and process analysis through user interviews to understand how they work today, identify their pain points and inefficiencies
  • designing target processes for those user workflows
  • calculating business cases to highlight the benefits of the improved workflows
  • performing user testing and collecting feedback to iterate design solutions
  • goal setting, stakeholder management, and proactive communication
  • writing requirements, specifications, acceptance criteria, so that developers and QAs can breeze through the work
  • contributing towards increasing standardization of our platform, product(s) and user interaction patterns
  • coordination and communication with internal and external stakeholders
  • working on several projects simultaneously
  • working closely with the founders, the product team and the sales team

You’ll also have the opportunity, no, the primary responsibility, to present results to customers and their management and work shoulder to shoulder with our account and customer success teams.

Besides that, you and the entire professional services team act as our first level source of innovation. Since you work with our customers and with the Matterway Platform every day, our product team relies on you to provide candid feedback and out-of-the-box ideas, about what works well and what should be improved, to help us innovate all the time.

Now, let's be honest - since we're still a startup, you'll likely end up wearing way more hats than we could possibly describe here. So this job is not for the faint-hearted, but for those who wish to challenge themselves, and grow!

The hard skills, which you'll need

  • You are fluent in English, German skills are a strong plus.
  • We don’t mind if you studied this at university, attended a boot camp or are self taught. But we want to see that you have 1-3 years of relevant experience in interaction design or application design. Enterprise customer experience is a big plus.
  • You have experience with design & prototyping software (preferably with Figma) and a solid portfolio
  • You should be familiar with software, its development, and agile methodologies (the ability to code is a plus).
  • You have excellent communication skills. By that, we mean you can articulate yourself clearly and precisely. So not only can you speak and write well, but others must also understand what you're trying to communicate.
  • You are able to function, adapt and succeed in a constantly changing, fast-paced environment. You can get things done even when Plan A is not working out.
  • You're open to go on-site to visit customers, every once in a while (not regularly, not weekly, but we try to see each customer at least once or twice per year - once the pandemic is over)
  • You're not just looking for a job that funds your lifestyle, but looking for an opportunity to grow, to challenge yourself, to contribute to real innovation, and to make customers and their employees happy

Any experience with RPA or RPA projects are a plus.

The soft skills that'll make you shine

  • You have the highest standards of integrity.
  • You are a driven, constant learner, are always looking to improve yourself, are not shy to admit when you're yet to learn more and are embracing the inevitable pain of growth.
  • You have a passion for technology, productivity, and efficiency, and appreciate both aesthetics and the human factor.
  • You're a goal-oriented team player. It's not about you or about looking good, but it is about making our customers successful, and achieving goals, as a team.
  • You have a demonstrated record of ownership or taking initiatives, in a work setting and/or through extracurricular activities

This is for you if

  • You are a pragmatic designer who wants to get stuff done and solve user problems
  • You’re a service oriented person and like to take on other peoples’ perspectives
  • You want to buy into what we do and find out what you can achieve in a collaborative and innovative environment

This is probably not for you if

  • You see yourself more as an artist at heart, and need creative freedom to express yourself
  • You like to focus on typical design tasks only without having to deal with other areas like user interviews, process optimization, or project management
  • You have a strong focus on UI and like to work on concepts rather than having direct touchpoints with customer

Join us at Matterway!

At Matterway, we put a lot of effort into creating a tightly knit team that supports each other to succeed. We are a bunch, where you can fully be yourself, bring in your strengths and unique or even unconventional sides. Be human. We're all about discovering the fascinating side of the human experience, and less about showing off or fulfilling socially constructed expectations.

During the interview process, make sure you ask at every stage about our team and culture to see if this is right for you. Besides that:

  • We work in an informal, collaborative, transparent, honest, non-hierarchical, ego-free culture where your contribution is valued over a role, or title.
  • We would love it if you're in Berlin, but if you're not, you can also be remote so long as you're able to easily come or fly to Berlin every once in a while (once the pandemic is over).
  • We have experience in sponsoring visas and helping our employees relocate.
  • Our office in the center of Berlin, near Alexanderplatz, is a former brewery and an absolutely unique experience to work in!
  • You will get a company MacBook as well as best-in-class hardware.
  • We’re small but fast-growing, you’ll get to learn a lot working alongside incredibly talented and like-minded people in a very open environment.
  • Your work will be used by thousands of employees at some of the largest companies in Europe.

And once the pandemic is over:

  • There are free snacks, fresh fruits, tea, coffee and you can even mix your own Soylent/Joylent in our fully equipped kitchen.
  • You can participate in regular team outings & activities such as Karting, Archery, Cooking Classes, Lasertag, Retreats by a lake, Wakeboarding, Music jams, etc...